Lily Pad

I remember the ways you looked at me

I know that I brought you

The kinda love that is free

I showed you the ocean

You showed me tv

And that’s why we could never be

You took me away from the things that I need

I let you do it

You took the lead

My heart was out

In your hand it would bleed

I begged for your love

I would constantly plead

There were so many words

But you didn’t wanna read

Looking back at what we were

I see it different

It’s not a blur

You caused a change

Inside a stir

I was lost but then found

From your allure

Thank you for being the person you are

You did so little

I got so far

You lifted me up

You raised the bar

The whole night sky

But only one star

Our love made me different

It’s very bizarre

When we were together

I wanted forever

But now I can see

The extent and endeavor

Us lasting that long

Was always a never

You did ,however,

Release a strong lever

I don’t regret a day that we had

You may have subtracted

But 2 negatives add

Our time wasn’t wasted

It wasn’t all bad

I’m grateful for you

You don’t make me sad

When I think about you

It still makes me glad

Thank you for being

My sweet lily pad

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