Water+Earth =Love

You’re important for my tapestry

In fact you make me itch

You weave through me all colors

You’re the most impressive stitch

I can’t really explain in words

The way you make me feel

You’re there for me like no one else

You make me feel so real

I knew when you came in my life

That we did have a vibe

You made me want a part of you

To be one in your tribe

I know our love is truly rare

Losing you I couldn’t bare

Your thread with me will never tear

I promise you I’ll always care

I love you ways I’ve never felt

You make a mark

I have a welt

But you never hurt

You just make me melt

Thank you for your presence here

You live in me

You cause no fear

Your golden fawn

I love you dear

Please never forget that you mean more than you know

I’ll never forget you

Your boat makes me row

When I am with you I never feel low

You are my ocean

My strong undertow

I’m earth

And you’re water

Like a river

We flow:.

Thank you

For always making me grow

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