When Grandma Visits

The church bells ring

And she is singing in my soul

The windy willow weeps

And she is swelling my heart slow

The apple dumpling bakes

And she is heating up my stove

The children play outside

And she is teaching lessons tried

The twist cone drips

And she is savoring my last drop

The crossword puzzle starts

And she is filling blanks from top

The afternoon is sleepy

And she is snuggling sweet my side

The living room is quiet

And she is humming never chide

The silence is so golden

And she is hearing every word

The choir belts out loudly

And she is my serenading blue bird

The stomach grumbles hungry

And she is feeding my mouth full

The empathy is long lost

And she is giving hope a pull

The hobbies go on endless

And she’s creating my unique craft

The tales of a family together

And she has no need for 2nd draft

The universe takes it all from me

And she is replenishing my world

Two months there is too long hair

And she’s forever my fresh-perm curled

The toast pops up faster than lightning

And she’s the sugar before cinnamon but the taste after butter

A woman made so pure

She pulls me out from the gutter

With earrings dancing

While the wooden spoons stirring

She’s mixing my pain to the point that it’s blurring

The tears stream down like the oceans they are

And she becomes soft like a sad distant star

But even far away she still shines

The memories turn on flashbulbs

And she is my never-ending feature

But this is more than just a story, and much more than a fairytale bride

This is a dream that came true

and its real so she also died

It was written long ago

on the dark side of the moon

With lightning used as ink

In the early part of June

This is transcendent consciousness extending through the astral plane

This is what happens when two collapsed giants go insane

They find each other’s orbit and spiral toward expansion

This is what happens when two neutron stars meet

Empty cores of what they once were they merge together and resurrect

A stellar collision.

The energy is undeniable precision-

A magnetic field that is trillions times stronger than Earth

2 milliseconds is all it takes for rebirth.

A bond so profound that it extravagantly bursts once more

This time as a gamma-ray

—An energetic space-war

An explosion of extremes and your wildest dreams

*The brightest electromagnetic event in the universe.*

And that’s how I know that

Space knows no bounds and the

Soul’s root’s route through time

When pure love is formed before birth,

There’s no bond with more worth

The souls connect deeper than the middle of earth.

This is in a way that can’t be matched. There is no second batch.

There is no death when the other dies

No truth when the other lies

No low when the other highs

There is only immortal adoration

And it keeps multiplying with every breath

Because it is a devotion that existed long before either person met in the physical sense

*This love is dense.*

She had to wait eons before her manifestation made its’ way to fruition

My birth wasn’t the start of us, and her death was never the end

We have been pumping each other’s hearts since the spark of our glorious union

And we are like a metronome together, as we never skip a beat

So yes these tears flow often, but no they are not filled with sadness

They are simply my sugar plum living through me

They are my sweet Violet, watering the flowers of existence

Our garden is never-wilting and always-blooming

There is no limit to how far our beauty will grow

Together we walk in a lush life of nourishing joy

I won’t allow our feet to stay idle, but I will enjoy every sweet second as I remember to stop and smell the peonies along the path we have paved

See you on the other side of the yellow-brick road my angel

I will look forward to the day when our streets finally come to a cross

It will be bliss in my end to know that you will be waiting to greet me with your irreplaceable embrace

(And probably a huge plate of my favorite food)

And we can dance once again in the glow of our eternal light

Until then,

Rest for me my darling

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